The Massaponax Flea Market is open year-round, every Saturday and Sunday, 8a-5p Spring, Fall, and Summer 8a-4p in the Winter. Within our five acres we currently house thousands of square feet of outside and indoor vendors. Items being sold range from original art and all things vintage to tools, LPs, collectibles, uniques, toys and plenty of other unique collectibles and curio. If you have interest in becoming part of the Massaponax Flea Market Family keep reading!

There are two ways to become a vendor at Massaponax Flea Market: Day to Day Vendors and Month to Month Vendors. 

Day to Day gives you the freedom to come and go as you please. Do you prefer to sell on Saturdays and not Sundays, then renting outdoor or indoor Day to Day space is just right for you!

Month to Month Vendors allow you to lock down YOUR SPACE and set it up as you see fit, our Lease Agreements automatically renew every month, so there is no commitment beyond a month! 

Contact Management today for pricing and more information!


Massaponax Flea Market